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Retention Strategies

Considerable time and resources are used to identify and recruit the right workforce, don’t turn this into perpetual motion.

Use our cost-effective methods for retaining expertise internally, meet and where possible exceed, customer expectations and build your loyal customer base - CHEAPER TO RETAIN THAN GAIN!

We all know the fundamentals:

A: Motivate employees to meet your customers’ needs

B: Know what your customers want

C: Nurture loyalty from them all

Too often we presume, and forget to offer recognition for continued business or a job well done. Statistics show that lack of employee recognition is a catalyst for changing jobs – more so than financial return!?

TDL Enterprises can Help!

Our specialist can provide guidance and advice on setting up a successful ‘Employee Motivation Scheme’. This expertise materialised through managing “Virgin Trains Award Winning Employee Motivation Scheme” for 5 years, as well as being a key figure within the judging panel for “Incentive Today’s National Motivation Awards”

We can tailor the scheme to align with your business objectives and available budget.?
Our foundations will be your building blocks for the future and can assist with external recognition schemes like Investors in People.

As the famous quote from Walt Disney reminds us “You can build the most wonderful place in the world but without people the dream will not be reality”.????Don’t delay – get in touch today!

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